The intention is to specify readily available, standard components for as much of the structure and contents as possible, in order to minimise cost and make it easy to construct, thereby allowing it to be accessible to the greatest number of people. 

Initially, the plans and assembly instructions will be made available for a nominal cost.  This will hopefully be followed by offering the bespoke components for sale which, along with the plans and assembly instructions, could be combined with the off-the-shelf components to build a complete unit.  The bespoke components of the structure are all fabricated from metal, and thus require welding and machining.  They also provide much of the strength and rigidity of the structure, so accuracy and quality control is important to ensure that the finished assembly is safe.  Thereafter, the logical progression would be to offer a complete flat-pack kit, or fully assembled units, along with options for internal fittings – which could be supplied as separate modules or as part of a fully assembled unit.

The first step in sharing the concept will be to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make the plan sets available, which will hopefully provide some funding towards the further development of the design.  A blog will also be set up to cover the progress of work on the prototype unit, as well as giving an insight into actually living in the unit.  If there is sufficient support for the concept, then a business may be built up around supplying components initially, moving on to flat-pack kits or fully assembled units thereafter.

Thanks in advance for your support – I hope this project will grow into something that can benefit people of all walks of life by providing an affordable and practical alternative to traditional housing and lifestyles.